Logistics Data Flow and Processing

The logistics industry is one that involves a lot of data flow and processing.

  • Orders coming in
  • Orders going out
  • Deliveries
  • Receipts
  • Millions of different packages
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Advancement is smartphone-based Apps

Smart devices

Computers and smart devices go a long way towards further simplifying the operations and improving the process. The next level of this advancement is smartphone-based Apps.

Logistics App

I Square E Square Consultancy can deliver a logistics App that provides all the tools you could possibly need, both for internal use and for those that can be used by the end customer.

Remote package tracking

Whether it’s remote package tracking or invoice data, tracking vehicles via GPS or even consumers signing for their deliveries through an App, we have a solution for everything. So make an inquiry and see how the logistics business can be further enhanced through the convenience of Apps.

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