Application Development

Parallel to ERP focus

I Square E Square Consultancy also believes in adding value to the customers by strategically converging business and technology in its offerings. We have following gamut of offerings for global ISVs and end clients using contemporary Microsoft technologies and Java based enterprise class applications dealing in business domains like BPM, Real Time Analytics, Forensic Email compliance and Web Solutions. The highlight of this journey have been I Square E Square Consultancy’s capability to cater to our client’s varied requirements most optimally keeping together in mind the business and technology.

  • Outsourced Product development ( Product Lifecycle Management solutions)
  • Custom Application Development
  • Product Strategy, Architecture, Prototyping and Support Services
  • Web Development ( Comprising Web 2.0 Enabled .Net Applications)
  • Application Migration and Integration
  • Independent Testing and Validation Services
  • Professional Services
  • Where quality is measured by your satisfaction and sucess.

  • I Square E Square Consultancy is a leading provider of employement services throughout the india

  • We focus our people, resources and systems on producing results

I Square E Square Consultancy’s premium product offering Wisdom, an end to end enterprise web application solutions for institution is a classic example of its product development capabilities encompassing all about the gamut of our offerings.
I Square E Square Consultancy always believes in offering proven applications development services to clients and hence establish state-of-art product and development centre at India to present the above offerings proven way.
In a world where the market dynamics are shifting fast, companies are forced to get IT right the first time. IT applications must support a strong business case and deliver measurable strategic benefits. The maturity of IT systems has emerged as a major source of competitive edge.
At I Square E Square Consultancy Technologies, we understand the domin and role IT applications play in helping our clients achieve their strategic objectives. That is exactly why we take a holistic approach towards application development to understand how a particular application fits in with the rest of the ecosystem.

Amid the feverish rush for technological perfection, many companies lose track of the business goals the application is intended to support. There is also the risk of implementing solutions that do not take the unique culture and organizational structure of different companies into account.

When development is not based on an extensive study of the client organization, the resulting applications are not only imperfect,they also run into delays and shoot their budgets. Companies trying to make the most of their IT investments cannot afford these costly mis steps.

Our Business

Keeping customer engagement at the center of our approach,

we understand the business challenges of our clients to create applications that are aligned to their strategy and culture. What’s more, we do it under impressive timelines and within budget. Based out of Hyderabad, our application development team has proven expertise in developing high-quality IT solutions using a wide-array of technologies that enable our clients to exploit emerging opportunities and lead the market.

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